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Support after graduation

The backup organization after school attendance!

it is not made to merely finish it with the school of JRAA only as attendance -- since the backup organization after attendance is also ready, it can learn in comfort.

Change of occupation and part-time job
It is also possible to work in these school tie-up salons all over the country and spas. A school tie-up group, "seraport" backup system introduction.
Start business by business trip
Business can be started without spending seed money at a non-store. It is also possible to save a salon open fund in this period, to turn it openly, and to prepare it.
House commencement of business (home salon)
Opening in a homely atmosphere is also good using the space as for which the house was vacant. Business can be started with a small capital and the seed money of this plan is also the optimal also to housewifely persons.
Salon commencement of business
The market research of the good place of attracting customers is carried out, and it is searched. By this school original route, construction required for a salon, fixtures, an advertisement, etc. are cheap, and I can guide them. The plan for putting on track is minutely stood after opening from before opening, and business is started by the rules for success.
Other commencement-of-business plan
It ties up with a sport team, and it plays an active part as a trainer, or plays an active part in under exclusive contract in concert with a company.

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