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JRAA affiliation outline

JRAA member's kind

Kind Object Cost The application method and a supplement
General member Therapist Admission fee: No charge
Annual fee: 3,000 yen
Please send a "resume" and a "license copy" after connection by telephone (0120-819-901). An application form for admission is sent from an association.
Authorization store Salon manager
Salon owner
Admission fee: 30,000 yen
Annual fee: 30,000 yen
Please undergo examination of this association.
If examination passes, business can be done as an authorization salon.
Designated school The salon owner who joined in the authorization store Admission fee: 0 yen
Annual fee: 0 yen
I will restrict just technology to the school which can perform environmental structure which can take a lecture at a proper charge.Only authorization store members.First of all, please register with an authorization store.

※In case, it may refuse admission.

JRAA affiliation merit

General member:
  • ・Each school is taken at a member price.
  • ・There is also duties place support. A store with staff collection is introduced.
  • ・I guide cheap fixtures, an equipment article besides aroma goods and a herb, etc. rather than where.You can use as stocking.
  • ・Make a Website low price.
Authorization store:
  • ・JRAA has a branch in the world and can study various outstanding technology in the world at a member price.
  • ・It is cheap in fixtures and stocking is possible.
  • ・Make a Website low price.
Designated school:
  • ・It can register as a designated school and an association secretariat, and can extend a member.
  • ・An advertisement etc. can be placed in collaboration and can perform broad PR in cheap advertising expenses.
    It registers with an association homepage.

JRAA Outline

Association name JRAA Japan Relaxation Acknowledge Association
Headquarters location 6-20-2, Fukiage-cho, Gifu-shi, Gifu-ken  [MAP]
TEL 0120-819-901
Branch location

1-5-1, Minamisaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken [MAP]
TEL 045-321-6789 contact

1-6-3, Suemori-tori, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken  [MAP]
TEL 0120-307-184 contact

一般社団法人 ウェルネスJAPAN
668-10, Yamanoi, Chikugo-shi, Fukuoka-ken [MAP]
TEL 0942-42-1122 お問合わせ

1983, Kiyofuji, Ijuin-cho, Hioki, Kagoshima-ken  [MAP]
Educational foundatio Nisshogakuen Kagoshimazyousei high school
TEL 099-273-1234 contact

Lomi You
460 Ena Road Suite 607 Honolulu hawaii 96815 [MAP]
TEL (808)255-7934 contact

allonge Academy
13Floor KTS Building, 235-13 Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL +82-2-3444-9200 contact

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