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Privacy Policy

A Japanese Relaxation Acknowledge Association (following association), While recognizing the importance of private information proctection, the norm of the statute about personal information and others is observed, and an independent rule and organization are established, and privacy policy is defined as follows, and this is performed, it improves continuously, and I am striving for an improvement and improvement.

■About collection of personal information, and use
Personal information means the information which can identify individuals, such as a name, an address, a telephone number, a mail address, etc. which you offer through our website. When I ask you for offer of personal information, I specify the use purpose beforehand. I was allowed to obtain consent to handling of personal information because you offered personal information. The personal information which our company acquired from the website does not do treating in addition to the use purpose specified without the consent of the person himself/herself in principle.
The personal information handling person in charge was set, and I have paid the maximum attention to the suitable handling of a visitor's personal information so that you can use our website in comfort again.
■About the contents and the purpose of personal information collection
The personal information which you offer from a visitor, and the use purpose are as follows.
【Request for information】
The information:A name (company name), a mail address, a data receiver's address address, a telephone number, etc.
Use purpose: For guidance of sending of data, the details of service, etc.
The information:A name (company name), a mail address, an address, a telephone number, etc.
Use purpose:An answer by the contents of an inquiry
■About third party offer of personal information
case where it corresponds to either of the following. After concluding the contract about security protection, use of the information on the purposes other than service offer is forbidden to the external agent who entrusts business in order to attain the use purpose.
  • 1.When there is consent of the person himself/herself
  • 2.When indicating in the state where an individual cannot identify (for data creation)
  • 3.In order to send the charged data to you, when a home-delivery company is used
  • 4.When it is able to ask for an indication by the request of administration, such as a statute, etc.
  • 5.When it is required for protection of an individual life, the body, and property, etc. and it difficult to obtain the consent of the person himself/herself
■About the safety control of personal information
At an association, rational safety measures are taken and it strives for reservation of safety so that the offered personal information may be managed and kept carefully and unlawful access to personal information, an alteration, appropriation, loss, disclosure, etc. may not arise. Moreover, the educational education activities to a member are carried out, and also a management representative is placed for every section which deals with personal information, and it strives for suitable management of personal information.
■About an indication, correction, and deletion of personal information
When a check or correction of the contents of the personal information on an own one, etc. is wished, he mails. When getting the message, after checking that he is the person himself/herself, I will correspond promptly in the rational range.
■About an access log
On this society website, the information that this society website was seen is recorded in the form of an access log. No information as which the access log can specify an individual although use provider's kind, the kind of use browser, access time, etc. are contained is included.
An access log is used as statistical materials for improving this society website, and is not used for the other purpose.
■About an inquiry
Please tell us the inquiry about handling of this privacy policy and personal information by e-mail.