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Aromatherapist license

IFPA Aromatherapist license

The British maximum and the aromatherapy association international license of world's best standards can acquire at this association.


What is IFPA Aromatherapist license?

IFPA(International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)is the greatest aromatherapy association in Britain. IFPA has an authorization school in Britain, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Ireland, New Zealand, Malta, etc., The status of the aromatherapist in the world, improvement in technology, and quality are high. Power is directed towards an aromatherapist's training.

The level of an authorization school and regular member authorization examination is high.From things, it accepts as the association of world's best standards. Many members are as a professional therapist in the various fields, such as medical treatment and a welfare agency, and the holistic therapy industry.It is playing an active part. Also internationally, abundant clinical data has received high evaluation.

IFPA is participating in the legal restrictions about aromatherapy, etc., and is an aroma in a government level. It is the association which contributes to research and development of therapy.

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